Morphle Blender Add-On

Hi Blenderians, Phygitalism has released a FREE Blender add-on “Morphle”, a very interesting tool for all Blender Artists.
Morphle is a tiny Blender add-on that creates an object containing shape keys from selected objects vertices positions.

Morphle allows you to combine objects by morphing them into a single shape.

Working on the keys of the objects allows you to create interesting mergers between the vertices of the objects, animating the key objects, we will create incredible effects.

How to start with Morphle?
Select some objects, click Morphle!, and in World Origin the Morphle object will be created.

It appears as an object with the largest number of vertices among those selected.
In the shape keys of the Morphle object, you will find the names of all the previously selected objects and you will be able to interpolate between their positions of the vertices.

From that moment you can create child object instances or generate particles from Morphle vertices, delete/hide polygons and edges, animate shape keys and enjoy your beautiful morphs.

Download Morphle for Free:

Download Morphle – Blender add-on


Simply download and install it in Blender:
Edit -> Preferences -> Add-ons -> Install…
When the add-on is activated the Morphle! the button will appear in Object Properties.

Morphle Info:

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