Maya 2022 3d Modeling New Features

Maya 2022 has finally been released by Autodesk, coming to the new version 2022 with a long list of improvements in 3D modeling tools. Are Maya’s new features for 2022 living up to the hype?

What is the new modeling tools in Maya 2022?

In this Maya 2022 3d modeling tutorial, JL Mussi shares with us his 3 best tools for this new version.
We will explore Maya 2022’s 3D modeling functionality and see how these new tools can be incorporated into an advanced 3D modeling workflow.

JL Mussi covers the top 3 modeling new features in Maya 2022, analyzing the Sweep Mesh tool and changing how the pivot snapping works in Maya, and finally new component tags in a modeling workflow.

Top 3 Maya 2022 3d Modeling New Features Tutorial

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