Masterclass di Cinema

Registrations are open for the Cinema Masterclass organized at the “Stefano Faniglione” Social Cultural Center (Via Nardini 8, Quercianella (LI), which will start next May 14th.
The course will be structured in 3 weekends, for a total of 50 hours plus 1 day on the set, in which you will make your short with BlackMagic 4K technology.
A full immersion of cinema, mainly based on practice, organized by Filippo Morelli and Alice Del Corso (director and screenwriter, both from Livorno, worked in London from 2014 to 2015, participated in the 2015 Cannes Film Festival with the selection of their medium-length film Suspensum, and with their scifi “Apeiron” they attracted the attention of a famous Hollywodian actor).

A rich program, which will range from script to direction, production, post-production, vfx and marketing. After presenting the masterclass at the FiPiLi Horror Festival on Monday 25 April, there will be a new presentation on Saturday 30 April at 6 pm, at the Stefano Faniglione Cultural Center in Quercianella.
To follow, aperitif offered by the center.

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Per maggiori informazioni, costi e iscrizioni:
331 4838118

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