Light Tracer Render

Hey guys, today I want to talk about Light Tracer Render, which is a 3D rendering software very intuitive web-based GPU renderer.
We tested Light Tracer and it’s super-fast!
You can use the web version for free, or you can try the standalone version for 14 days, just download and start to render your projects whether you are a professional or a beginner.

Light Tracer Render is a GPU-accelerated rendering tool to create stunning visuals fast!

Light Tracer Render is Intuitive and Fast
Light Tracer Render is a very simple and user-friendly 3D rendering software. With an interactive workflow and simple rendering tools, you can quickly create amazing-looking images and videos of your 3D models with photorealistic quality.

We tested Light Tracer with Evangelion’s Eva 3D model and it’s blazing fast!

Light Tracer Web Version

The web version remains free and adds support for Google Chrome, Firefox Browsers, and Microsoft Edge.

Light Tracer Web version acts as a free trial version of the standalone one. But it has a limited set of features.

In particular, the web version provides just a few 3D formats (OBJ, glTF, STL, zipped glTF, VOX), while the native version can also load from STEP, IGES, BRep, FBX, DAE, 3DM, etc.

Web version has only one real-time denoiser, while the native provides up to 3 denoisers depending on a user’s PC (NVidia AI denoiser and Intel Denoiser).

Also, the native version can generate turntable animation and video, has advanced HDRI editing features (blurring, multiple map emitters, etc), provides better performance, and can load much more massive 3D models.
  • Download the stand-alone version Free to use for 14 days,
    Get Light Tracer Render for Windows 10 and macOS High Sierra or newer (10.13+

Buy Light Tracer Stand-Alone: Get Light Tracer

Support of glTF animation import in Light Tracer Render

The new release brings support for reading an animation contained in a glTF file.

In Light Tracer we can import  glTF™ (GL Transmission Format) is developed for transmission and loading of 3D models in web and native applications and used as a default format in Light Tracer Render.

Light Tracer Render supports the import of .vox files and is popular with voxel artists.

Also in Light Tracer, it’s easy to import your voxel art scene.
You can just import the vox files, and start to play with the interactive workflow and rendering tools.

Easy positioning of map emitters

With the Map Emitters, you can have complete control of light reflections in your scenes.
Light Tracer features an environment map editor allowing you to adjust the existing HDRI environment or create your own, allowing you to position the sources directly in the viewport.

Real-time collision detection in Light Tracer Render

This tool can significantly save time!

Real-time collision detection is one of our favourite functions, to allow you to detect collisions with the floor and with the objects in the scene using the 3D manipulator tool.

We recommend this product for all those looking for a simple and quick rendering to use, with its very affordable price. Let’s render and Enjoy it!

Check out to Discord community if you need some help or would like to share your renderings!

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