Let’s set-up particles in Houdini, Collisions, Pyro FX with Octane Render

Today we share this cool tutorial, how to make a particle scene in Side FX Houdini made by Nick Medukha.
In the tutorial, Nick shows us the basics of creating the abstract particle scene. The tutorial covers emitting, a guide set-up to the simulation in Pyro FX in Houdini which uses smoke to move organically and naturally.

Nick’s tutorial examines the technique for set-up particles using pyro smoke in Houdini.

The tutorial also describes the use of collision geometry and how to fill an object with particles.

  • You can download the project files HERE.

Simulation is done in Houdini and rendered using Octane Render.
Includes Houdini 17.5 project file and rendered animation in 4K.

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