Lens Distortion in Nuke

For all those who work in the field of VFX know very well how important is the correct matching of lens distortion in composite scenes that are rendered in CG or matte painting, Tom Magill in this video shows us a complete overview on how to manage Lens Distortion. In all the scenes we see made in post-production we always have the presence of lens distortion, there may be different degrees of distortion of the lens depending on the type of lenses used on the set, in fact, it is essential for the compositor to know the optics that have been used on set etc.

How to composite utilizing footage prepared for lens distortion

For a compositor the process is first to remove the lens distortion on the original plate, and then go to compose the whole, with elements in CG and Matte painting. After that when the scene is ready, go to reapply the original lens distortion to the whole composed scene, so as to create more credibility to the final rendering.

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