KUNG FURY Official Movie

Finally, after three years, 18,000 backers, $ 650,000 in Kickstarter contributions, a trip to Cannes, countless sleepless nights and a music video with David Hasselhoff, here is the release of Kung Fury.

“Nothing is worth doing if you’re not overdoing it.”

David Sandberg finally presents his short film, after a fundraiser on Kickstater, which thanks to crowdfunding has become a reality in a feature film.

It all started in a basement in northern Sweden, with a good computer and David Sandberg, 28, a boy who grew up with a passion for his daily work. KUNG FURY is a tribute to action films of the 1980s. “Given the difficulty and cost of hiring a lead actor, Sandberg decided to take on the role of actor himself, with various friends supporting the project.

KUNG FURY Official Movie


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