How to create Tooled steel shader in Arnold

Let’s check this new quick tip tutorial from Lee Griggs. Lee Griggs shows us how to set up an OSL tooled steel shader in Arnold.

Griggs shows how to set Ivan DeWolf’s OSL shader in Maya using Arnold.

OSL shaders can be used in any application that supports the open shader language. Open Shading Language (OSL) surface and volume shaders define how surfaces or volumes scatter light in a way that allows for importance sampling; thus, it is well suited for physically-based renderers that support ray tracing and global illumination.

Tooled steel OSL shader in Arnold for Maya (MtoA)

Tooled steel OSL shader created by Ivan DeWolf.

“The only real controls are cellmult, and the xalph and yalph. xalph and yalph control anisotropy, as they are standard OSL microfacet closure controls (try setting both to 0).”

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