Hi VFX Artists, today we share this new tutorial about how to create a simple parallax effect in digital compositing / VFX in Nuke tutorial. In this tutorial, we’ll learn an easy parallax technique. Nuke tutorial shared by Compositing Academy.

How to create Parallax in Nuke?

This tutorial is perfect for intermediate/advanced users, on creating “cheap” parallax in a scene using Nuke, without needing geometry or projections.

Also, you can download for FREE the Nuke project files below!

Parallax HAX in Nuke Advanced Tutorial

00:00​ Introduction
02:40​ Parallax Review
03:30​ Easy Parallax Technique
06:00​ Expression Linking for Parallax
12:00​ UV Coordinates for Parallax
23:00​ Fake Window Parallax (Simple)
25:00​ Extra Tricks

Download Nuke Parallax project files
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