Create Exterior lighting in Unreal Engine

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to play with the exterior lighting and atmosphere in Unreal Engine, we’ll be looking at the Atmosphere Sunlight Index, and how to use it.

How to create good lighting in Unreal Engine?

Video tutorial shared by William Faucher, we will see how you can create both a moon and a sun, in your Unreal 3d scene, we will learn how to use Atmosphere Sunlight Index in a rather unconventional way to help create blue hour lighting.

Revamp Exterior Lighting w/ Atmosphere Index + Bonus Tip! –Unreal Engine 4 (4.26)

Topics covered:

00:00​ – Intro
00:43​ – Setting up Atmosphere Index
02:33​ – Blue Hour Lighting
13:06​ – Bonus Tip!

Also, check this other tutorial about the lighting in Unreal:

How To Setup and Manage Your Lights FAST with Environment Light Mixer (NEW in Unreal 4.26)

In this tutorial, William talks about the new tool called the Environment Light Mixer. This tool allows us to very quickly set up a basic lighting environment in seconds. Another major advantage of this is the ability to change all the light settings within one nice window. Very useful feature!

Topics covered:

00:00​ – Intro
00:12​ – Opening the Environment Light Mixer
01:00​ – Setting Up Lighting Quickly
01:41​ – Quick Tip
02:02​ – The Best Part!
03:48​ – Caveats
04:41​ – Outro and Thanks

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