How to create Advection particles

Hi 3DArtists, today we are sharing this interesting Houdini tutorial perfect for beginners, about the advection particles effect in Houdini and rendering with Redshift, tutorial by Yu Hagioita (HAGI) is a 3d and motion designer, and expert in Houdini and Cinema 4D, is based in Ichikawa City, Japan.

How to create Advection particles effects?

In Advection effects, you can add hyper-realistic fluid dynamics to your particles, transferring physical and colour data from explosions, with impressive results.

How to Particles Advection in Redshift Rendering

01.Velocity Setting 0:15​

Create Smoke
Create an emitter object and take Billowy Smoke from the Select shelf to create a Smoke.

02.Particles Setting 6:56​

Create Particles Emitter
Create an emitter for the particles. Then use Attribute Vop to set the density.

03.Particles Color & Emission 16:00​

Particles Color & Size Use the Attribute Wrangle to set the colour and size of the particles.

03.Redshift Rendering 26:18

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