How Reimport Cinema 4D scenes in Unreal Engine

Today we’ll learn how to re-import a Cinema 4D scene into Unreal Engine, easily updating a C4D scene in Unreal Engine in a few steps, tutorial created by Jonathan Winbush.

How to update a scene in real time between Cinema 4D and Unreal Engine?

In this tutorial, I’ll see you not only how we can take our Cinema 4D file into Unreal Engine but how we can make changes in Cinema 4D and have that update in Unreal. Almost like live linking the 2 apps together.

Direct link Reimport Cinema 4d scenes in Unreal Engine ” Almost live link! “

The best thing is to make a simple workflow between C4D scenes in Unreal with just one click, in this tutorial we will learn how to make the right method, managing C4D materials and updating in Unreal in real-time, with a simple click.


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