Houdini workshop

Hi there and welcome in my workshop “Houdini for Artist”.

This workshop is an introduction to Houdini and much more. In the next 8 weeks (from 3rd September to 3rd November) Matteo Migliorini will cover a variety of material and get into many technical low-level concepts, such as the maths, geometry, and trigonometry involved in gaining complete control over an effect.

When it comes to making great FX, there aren’t any push­button solutions. This course helps to lay that groundwork to understand what is going on under the ‘hood’. I will take you step­by­step through the construction using production techniques in Houdini, in the first week I talk about the Interface and procedural workflow and basic concept in Houdini (a little Houdini 101) and in the next 7 weeks I talk about Pops, Dynamics, Mantra and much more and we finish for create a simple tools in HDA for more situation.

Finally, you’ll bring in the various elements you have created together in one final scene.

VFX’n’GO Workshop – Houdini for Artist

How does it work?

(*) Choose your packages (There are 3 different packages Basic – Regular – Mentor)
(*) Pay with PayPal and remember to add your e-mail address
(*) Every week I send you one e-mail with a link to see a video and more update every week
(*) Nota Bene: from 1st August to 27th August I do a special price for Mentor -60 € respect the normal price

Per iscriversi al corso di Houdini:


Some subject…

(*) RBD
(*) Fracture
(*) Dynamics
(*) VEX and VOPs
(*) Volume
(*) PyroFX
(*) Particles
(*) Digital Asset
(*) Lighting, Shadering e Rendering
(*) and much more…

What you’ll need…

(*) SideFX Houdini 16 or upper – Apprentice (download here https://www.sidefx.com/download/) it’s ok (I work on Indie usually or on Apprentice for some lessons)
(*) one lessons is dedicated on “what kind of software I need”

Hardware – Operative System
(*) You can visit the requirement from SideFX – here https://www.sidefx.com/Support/system-requirements/
Usually, for educational, I recommended minimum 1 CPU Intel or AMD with 4/8 Core, 16 GB of Ram and GTX 770/970, SSD 250 for OS and one HHD 1 or 2 Tb for cache/storage
(*) Windows 7+ 64-bit or Mac OS X or Linux 64-bit systems (I use Windows 10 Professional and CentOS 7)

Matteo Migliorini | FX Artist | Showreel 2018 


About the instructor

I’m a 3D Generalist with high passion for FX and I’m specialized in Fluid, Particles and Dynamic effects. I have over 10-years-experience in 3D related fields, including arch-viz, media and entertainment.

In this last time, I worked on TV-Show and movie such as “Krypton” and “Star Trek: Discovery”.

Over the years I have invested a lot of personal resources, specializing in the use of particles, fluids and dynamics. As a self-taught person, I experienced the “discomfort” of the lack of accessible or treated facilities in all my language, of creating a training service accessible to all, in particular focusing on the SideFX Houdini software. This is how VFX’n’GO was born, which collects all my experiences.

I have been working in the 3D sector for over 10 years (since 2004) and I worked first in the arch-viz sector to then move on to the advanced technology world covering various soils from 3D Supervisor, post-production and customer care to work on multinational projects. industry (such as Baker Hughes at GE Company, TetraPak, ABB Groups, to name a few).

At the same time, I have many personal projects to interview for a web-series on Youtube (Trip-FX) all’educational (http://www.vfxandgo.art2upz.com/). Having many activities creates many stimuli that bring us forward and evolve. This is why even Computer Graphics (and I VFX) because it never stops, is always evolving, ideal for curious minds like mine.

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