Hi, Guys don’t miss masterclass by Jeff Lait. The masterclass covers techniques for using Vellum with cloth. It covers re-starting sims from drapes, wedging, painting pins, targeting low res sims, reference frames, 2nd order integration, collision disabling, layer shock, and using vellum to fix model geometry.

Details on using vellum for Cloth in Houdini SideFX.

Houdini Software Vellum Cloth Masterclass

You can see in the masterclass:
00:14 Re-starting Simulations and Wedging
10:44 Targeting
15:34 Resolution Retargeting
26:53 Bouncing Cloth
30:43 Handling Strange/extreme Motion
40:12 Doubling Collisions
45:20 Addressing Incoming Animation Problems

Houdini scene download:



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