Houdini FX for Motion Graphics

In this tutorial, you’ll see how to generate point effects in Houdini.
Helge Maus (pixeltrain.de) demonstrates, how you can generate a Point Wave with the help of Noises inside of VOPs in Houdini.

How can use MoGraph in Houdini?

He explains the methodology to understand an effect and build the node setup step-by-step. You will learn the use of Noises, Bind- & Bind-Export Nodes, Parameter-Ramps, Fit-Nodes, Multipliers for Floats and Vectors and how to analyze the outputs through the Geometry Spreadsheet.

How you can generate a Point Wave in Houdini using VOPs

In the end, you transfer the animated noises to the pscale attribute to render the effect in Mantra or an external render engine.

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