Houdini – Download Free Knit Solver

We share another very interesting resource, Houdini Download Free Knit Solver, free resource for Houdini users, released by VFXHomeland.
Free Knit Solver is another great resource that allows us to apply the effect of knitted fabric, to our molds, giving us the possibility to create very interesting effects and simulations.

Houdini – Download Free Knit Solver

The Knit Solver can wrap any 3D object in Houdini by simulating the knitted fabric. Knit Solver offers three types of knit with three different meshes that can work separately. The Knit Solver uses cels units to cover the geometry of the object. The final result depends a lot on the topology of the geometry on which you go to work, the best results are obtained using a quadrilateral topology.

If you want to see it in action, take a look at this short tutorial VFX Homeland put together on how to start using Knit Solver.

Houdini – Knit Solver Tutorial

knit_tut from vfxhomeland on Vimeo.

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