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Get started in Houdini, in the new courses Houdini Video Tutorials by Matteo Migliorini  to the .

In this simple video (time lapse or speed up video) I want to show you some of my progress on my last WIP on Houdini. I did all in SideFX Houdini from model to render and VFX because I want to use this scene for my Italian course on Houdini (the first and the only course on this software in Digital Download in Italy and maybe the only course on Houdini in Italian language on the web it’s very convenience… however…)…

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VFX’n’GO – Video course SideFX Houdini 101 Capitolo I – Base e Modellazione Samples 1


WIP Corridor Enviroment Sci-Fi Making;

WIP Corridor Enviroment Sci-Fi Making from art2upz | mat3vil on Vimeo.

WIP corridor sci-fi making – part 2

WIP corridor sci-fi making – part 2 from art2upz | mat3vil on Vimeo.

Tutti i video sono realizzati a:

(*) Colours and Audio
(*) codec h264  *.mp4
(*) risolution 1080p (1920×1080 pixel)
(*) In italian
timing 5 / 6 h

At moment you can get it by pre-order form lounch prize 39,99 € instead 49,99 €
Pre-order 39,99

info: vfxandgo@gmail.com or matevil@art2upz.com
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