Hand combat system in Unreal Engine Tutorial

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to implement combat finishers in a hand-to-hand combat system in Unreal Engine. Compared to normal kicks and punches, the finishers are usually longer animation sequences with complex movements and interactions between two characters.

In order to work them properly, both character meshes should be in proper synchronization, otherwise, it would look odd, and won’t see the connection/interaction between two characters involved.

How to create character animation interaction in Unreal Engine?

Also, if the start location and end location is different for a finisher animation, we have to rely on root motion to apply proper movement to the character. But this will introduce other complexities due to the interaction of character with other physics rules and collisions in Unreal Engine.
Let’s see how to handle this in Unreal Engine in this tutorial by CodeLikeMe.

Unreal Hand To Hand Combat – Finishers tutorial

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