Abstract grow particles effect animation in Maxon Cinema 4D, using the new fields feature in R20 this is the new quick tip, tutorial by Schatz (Nikomedia) has a Patreon page where he makes tutorials and scene files available for patrons.

Grow clone selections using fields in C4D R20.

In this tutorial, we’ll see how to recreate this incredible effects Grow Effect in 3D created in SideFX Houdini by Matt Taylor, get inspiration from this incredible animation:

Growing Selection for Clones Cinema 4D Tutorial

Grow clone selections New Fields feature in R20

In this tutorial Nikomedia, shows us how to create the Grow Effect in Cinema 4D, using the new Fields feature in R20. Growing Selection for Clones Cinema 4D Tutorial is created without using an external plugin like XParticles or Houdini, the effects its created just using Mograph and the new tools set of C4D R20.


Inspired by Matt Taylor:

Download Abstract Project file for C4D (for patrons 5€ and above):

Nikomedia web site:




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