GeoTracker for Blender available Download in free beta

A user-friendly 3D object tracking solution for artists it’s ready for Blender’s users. KeenTools building upon their success with the Foundry Nuke node and seamless integration into After Effects, KeenTools is now making waves with the grand unveiling of GeoTracker for Blender.

This revolutionary geometry-based object tracking tool makes it accessible to a broad spectrum of VFX artists and CG enthusiasts.

GeoTracker ushers in a new era of 3D object tracking, enabling users to accurately replicate the movement of live-action elements in the three-dimensional space. This innovation paves the way for limitless possibilities in seamlessly incorporating dynamic 3D effects into shots, all while eliminating the need for external software.

Download GeoTracker for Blender

GeoTracker for Blender Key Features:

  • Precise and controllable object and camera tracking based on geometry.
  • 3D object and camera alignment within the Blender environment.
  • Video-based 3D model texturing, enriching visual depth.
  • Streamlined and intuitive workflow for heightened efficiency.
  • Automated estimation of focal length.
  • Zoom shot tracking for dynamic scenes.
  • Comprehensive 2D and 3D masking for precision editing.
  • Unparalleled head tracking capabilities when used alongside KeenTools’ FaceBuilder add-on.
  • Compatibility with pipelines beyond the Blender ecosystem.

To facilitate a smooth onboarding experience, KeenTools has prepared a comprehensive written guide along with two instructional video tutorials, unraveling the essentials of geometry tracking and showcasing a specialized head-tracking case in collaboration with FaceBuilder. Additional video guides are slated for release in the near future.

For those eager to delve into the world of GeoTracker for Blender, the add-on is readily available for download from the official KeenTools website. As a gesture of their commitment to fostering creativity, the GeoTracker add-on is free during the beta phase.

KeenTools Unveils the 2023.2 Update: Introducing GeoTracker for Blender Open Beta and Enhanced VFX Solutions

KeenTools, the pioneering team renowned for their cutting-edge solutions tailored for VFX and 3D artists, proudly announces their latest and most substantial release yet: the 2023.2 update. This major update marks a pivotal moment in the realm of visual effects, introducing the eagerly awaited GeoTracker for Blender Open Beta and a host of remarkable enhancements across their existing lineup for Nuke, After Effects, and Blender.

Other Remarkable Enhancements in the KeenTools 2023.2 Update

In tandem with the groundbreaking GeoTracker release, KeenTools has meticulously enhanced their product offerings across all major platforms.

FaceBuilder for Blender:

  • Texture generation accelerated by up to threefold, expediting the creative process.

GeoTracker for After Effects:

  • Video analysis now operates up to two times faster, enhancing efficiency.
  • Tracking performance has been optimized by up to 20%, ensuring smoother workflows.
  • Surface masking has been accelerated, allowing for more rapid edits.
  • Rectified a previously identified issue with primitive scaling.

Nuke Package:

  • Video analysis efficiency boosted by up to two times, resulting in faster results.
  • Tracking performance elevated by up to 20%, facilitating smoother tracking operations.
  • TextureBuilder processes expedited by up to threefold, enhancing productivity.
  • Surface masking capabilities accelerated for seamless editing.
  • Newly introduced build tailored for Nuke 14, compatible with contemporary Linux systems such as RHEL9.

All enhanced products within the KeenTools 2023.2 update are readily available for download from the official website, ensuring that users can seamlessly integrate these upgrades into their creative workflows.

KeenTools’ latest 2023.2 update redefines the VFX landscape, ushering in an era of accessible and powerful tools that empower artists and enthusiasts to push the boundaries of visual storytelling. With GeoTracker for Blender leading the charge and a slew of enhancements across their product range, KeenTools solidifies its position as an industry leader dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in the world of visual effects.



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