Free Pack VFX Attack Trails for Unreal Engine

This is a super cool FREE pack, to improve your combat moves animation in UE4. Let’s take a look at this amazing pack of high-quality VFX animations that will allow you to upgrade your attacks to a whole new level for your characters.

The pack is easy to set up with 20+ effects, 15+ textures, and more, all completely free until the end of November.

So hurry up and get it FREE until the end of November!

Download Free Pack VFX Attack Trails
    • Type of Emitters: CPU, GPU
    • Number of Effects: 24
    • Number of Textures: 17
    • Number of Materials: 27
    • Number of Blueprints: 00
    • Number of Meshes: 01
    • Supported Development Platforms: Windows, MacOs
    • Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, MacOs


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