Free online mocap tool Kinetix

Kinetix online mocap tool, launched in 2020 and still officially in advanced beta, Kinetix is ​​a browser-based service to extract an actor’s motion from video footage and redirect it to a 3D character.

Kinetix mocap tool a new way of animating for all the creative minds!

Kinetix has launched Kinetix 1.4, a major update to its browser-based service to convert an actor’s movements into 3D character animations that can be used in tools like Cinema 4D, Blender, Maya, or Unreal Engine.

Kinetix is ​​one of several AI-powered online motion capture platforms that have launched in the past couple of years such as PixCap and Plask.

Additionally, all Kinetix features are now available for free use.

The motion capture tool uses AI technology directly online, with over the choice of 40 standard 3D characters and movements from Adobe’s Mixamo library.

Kinetix users can upload videos in MP4, MOV or AVI format or just paste the URL of a YouTube video.

The exported animation can be used in any DCC application that supports the FBX format – Kinetix has tutorials for Blender and Maya – or in-game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine.

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