Free Addon: Onion Skin in Blender

In animation, “onion skin” refers to the technique where multiple frames are overlaid to assist animators in tracing character movements with greater consistency. These overlaid frames are often called “onion skin” because they resemble the different layers of an onion when viewed in sequence.

This display is commonly found in most 2D animation software, such as Adobe Animate (formerly Flash), OpenToonz, Toon Boom Animation. In the realm of 3D software, Cascadeur has the “onion skin” integrated directly within the program, while for most others, users are required to install external tools, plugins, or add-ons like the one we are offering, a free Blender add-on for download.

Free Addon: Onion Skin in Blender

Very often, we find ourselves animating objects, characters, and scenes within our 3D software. The absence of the “onion skin” view, which displays the sequence of animated frames overlaid, is extremely important and is the foundation of every animator. Here, we are sharing this free Blender add-on for Onion Skin, which is an invaluable resource that you shouldn’t miss.

Download Onion Skin Blender Addon



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