Export Transparent Background Videos

Ok today I want to share with you this video, for many artists who are starting to work in motion design this video can be useful.
The export of the Alpha channel (of transparency) in a video, is a technique which use in a .mov file the RGB + Alpha channel, and let’s see how it works.

Export Transparent Background Videos from After Effects


When to use the Alpha channel in your videos?

To be used on motion design projects, or for example when you need to animate texts in After Effects and import the video layer into a Premier project, by inserting the video of the animated text in overlay over the footage, we will have the text animated in transparency.

Not to use this technique, on scenes of VFX in production.

If you need to work professionally on a VFX composition it is not a good idea to export the various videos with transparency, but instead export a sequence of frames in .png, .dpx format etc, using a color threshold range, high color bit.
After that in post production we will be working on the Alpha channel of our footage with more control.

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