Enter the metaverse

“Enter the metaverse, discover the metaverse, study in the metaverse” how many times a day are you bombarded by commercials or banners in this virtual world called the metaverse? I am bombarded continuously, with dozens of messages a day, it seems that the Internet 3.0 revolution is upon us.

Let’s try to understand what the new works of this metaverse will be!

First of all, the metaverse can be defined as a virtual, three-dimensional space where users can move, interact, learn, play and work.

It is a sort of virtual environment that overlaps the physical world of real life, which at the base follows the technology that we already use when we play online multiplayer video games.

This virtual space allows users to interact with each other through different online connected platforms, which use augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and even blockchain technology.

Where does the Metaverse originate?

The term “Metaverse” was coined by Neal Stephenson in the cyberpunk book “Snow Crash” from 1992. The word describes a kind of virtual reality shared via the internet, where one is represented in three dimensions through one’s avatar.

Over the years, this has been tried to reproduce virtual space, especially in the world of video games, for example with Second Life launched in 2003, users access their avatar to the virtual world, being able to explore, teleport from one point to another video games of a map, communicate with others, and participate in exhibitions, rallies or concerts, the avatars are free to move, with cities, streets, clubs, shops, with the possibility of accessing exclusive places such as cinemas, clubs, theaters, and online casinos.

What is a virtual metaverse world?

First of all, we must understand that the term Metaverse refers not to a specific platform but to different virtual worlds, here I list the most famous platforms:
MetaHorizon the Metaverse of Meta, the new rebrand of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg with the sound new Oculus Pro viewer takes its users in the virtual world to a higher level.
Then we have other multiplayer virtual platforms such as Sandbox and Decentraland, where it is possible to access via VR viewers, web browsers, and apps, only by registering as a user for free, to enter and interact with users who can see each other, call and interact without limits, in common spaces or private ones such as those of paid live events and concerts in the metaverse.

How do you enter the Metaverse?

You can connect in the metaverse by downloading special apps. Entering the Metaverse is simple just connect to one of the virtual worlds available such as MetaHorizon, Sandbox, or Decentraland, start by simply logging in, and entering these virtual worlds, going to set up our avatar, all manageable through a browser or mobile app, or for what is now the most engaging experience, you can use VR viewers, such as Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest Pro, which allow you to immerse yourself in these virtual worlds, engaging and unique.

I’m interacting in the metaverse with the viewer of Meta an Oculus Quest 2, and I have had the opportunity to test this new technology, let’s say that the graphics and level of interaction are still in the initial state, but the experience is engaging and entertaining, in my opinion. We will see some good times in the next few years as we have more control over bodily actions and higher state interactions with virtual users.

I have doubts about the fact of spending many hours in the virtual immersed in the metaverse, and therefore for example totally replacing the working environment of the real world with the virtual one, I think however that they could coexist and find a form of mix reality in augmented reality (AR) as it could be the perfect match.

Metaverse job opportunities?

On jobs sites, you can already find different figures that the metaverse requires, at this moment of the development of the platform, for example, the figures of designers, 3d artists, and concept artists are essential to creating virtual environments and scenarios. Many e-commerce companies are opening up to online sales in the metaverse, so they are converting their products to 3d.

The fashion industry is very popular, creating their products in virtual adaptable to dress up your avatar, with clothing, gadgets, and unique items that can be exchanged and purchased in the virtual world through blockchain technology.

These are some of the jobs required in the virtual world, another form of business that will surely develop virtually in the metaverse will be the content creator, who will populate the virtual world of the metaverse.






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