Dynamic spline Nike logo reveal Tutorial

We share on 3DArt this new tutorial on spline animation using Soft Bodies in Cinema 4D, made by Sean Dove, a creative from Melbourne Australia. In the tutorial, we’ll see how to creatively use Soft Bodies on splines to dynamically create an animation effect on the Nike logo.

How to use Soft Bodies Dynamics to animate splines?

In addition to Cinema 4D’s Rigid Bodies, you can use Soft Body Dynamics to simulate all kinds of objects that are deformed by collisions or other physical forces. Several settings such as stiffness, damping, flexion, etc. let you precisely define how your objects behave when struck, dropped, or squashed. Even gas-filled elements can be simulated accurately.

The technique used is very interesting and creative which is used very often in motion design scenes, the splines are dynamically animated, wrapping and tightening around the logo, revealing the logo silhouette.

Dynamic spline Soft Bodies tutorial


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