Download Stable Diffusion for Blender AI Render fee add-on

We can say that 2022 was the year of the explosion of AI artificial intelligence technologies, which work on the generation of digital images and videos.
When it comes to text-generated AI tools, there are many options that are already accessible right now. But there are some that have stood out above others such as MidJourney Dall-E2 and Stable Diffusion.

Just to name a few, Mid Journey innovative system in the creation of perfect images for concept artists that have revolutionized the world of the digital image generated at the computer.

ALL-E2 an artificial intelligence program that creates images from textual descriptions was revealed by OpenAI on January 5, 2021. DALL-E2 with an image control is always generated according to the text lines of the prompts, generating images with the realism of a higher level, made entirely in AI.

One tool worthy of our attention is Stable Diffusion separates the image generation process into a runtime “diffusion” process. Starting from “noise” alone, it gradually improves an image until it gets closer and closer to a textual description provided in detail.

Use Stable Diffusion AI to render incredible images in Blender.
This free add-on for Blender lets you take any scene and render it in a completely new way.

Developer Ben Rugg has released AI Render, a free add-on that connects Stable Diffusion to Blender.

How to generate 3d renderings in AI?

The plugin allows you to use the open-source AI text-to-image generation model directly within Blender, by entering a conventional text prompt or using a 3D scene to drive the generated image.
With it, users can convert renders of simple block geometry into detailed renders, perfect for every use from archiving to character design to concept art.

How to use Stable Diffusion in Blender?

AI Render connects Stable Diffusion to Blender, allowing you to insert the text prompt inside Blender, rather than using an external web interface, allowing you to use a Blender rendering viewport (left) as the basis of a generated 2D image from Stable Diffusion (right), allowing users to generate non-photorealistic images from 3D scenes.

As you can see in the video tutorial below, this makes it possible to lock a scene using very quick and easy geometry, and then have Stable Diffusion generate a matching detailed illustration or conceptual image.

Download Stable Diffusion AI Render fee add-on

How to install and use Stable Diffusion and AI Render, the add-on for Blender.


AI Render works on Windows, Mac and Linux!


Installation takes less than a minute! No complicated code to run or install, and no Google partnerships to confuse. You will create a free account on DreamStudio (from the creators of Stable Diffusion) and everything will be displayed in the cloud in seconds.

This opens up another potential use of AI in the world of CG image, this time applied to 3d software like Blender, Stable Diffusion goes alongside Blender’s main rendering engines like Cycles or Eevee.



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