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Don’t miss the new version on KeenTools with AI-powered, in this new release KeenTools 2021.2, a new accurate artificial intelligence system to automatically align the face geometry, which the software generates with the actor’s face in the footage image.

If you need to create a 3D face model, this is an amazing tool for 3D face tracking.

KeenTools it’s available in FaceBuilder for Blender and FaceBuilder/FaceTracker for Nuke.

Also, the latest Blender 2.93 and Nuke 13 are now supported by KeenTools. Worth mentioning that recently KeenTools nodes came to Nuke Indie and 51 ARKit-compatible FACS blend shapes were added to FaceBuilder for Blender!

The same AI technology has also been added to FaceTracker 2021.2, but it only works for setting keyframes, not for the tracking process.
The full list of improvements:

Nuke plugins:

  • Automatic face alignment in FaceBuilder and FaceTracker
  • Nuke 13 support
  • GPU support in pre-analysis on macOS
  • Many minor fixes and improvements

FaceBuilder for Blender:

  • Automatic face alignment
  • Blender 2.93 Alpha support
  • Simplified camera settings, removed camera groups
  • Many minor fixes and improvements
Download KeenTools FaceTracker 2021.2
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