Download Grafixer plugin for C4D

Hi Guys, don’t miss Grafixer plugin tool for Cinema 4D, is a very cool tool for all C4D Artists that works in animation. Grafixer plugin for #C4D R20, by @kng_ito is a tool to manage the animation graph in C4D, using the same concept plugin tool Flow of After Effects, one of the most plugin used in the After Effects Artists.

Let’s start to create graphs in C4D using profiles with a single click.


This is Beta of Grafixer that accelerates your animation workflow in Cinema 4D R20.

  • Be sure to set TL Mode as the timeline you are working on.
  • Auto Tangents (C4D’s default interpolation) is not supported to Get.

Download Grafixer Beta:

The Grafixier is not more Free download :(, but you can buy it at this link


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