Download Exr-IO 2.04

Hi guys, Exr-IO 2.04.00 version has been released. It comes with requested features, additional improvements, and fixes.
Free plugin for all digital artists working with the multichannel EXR format in Photoshop, EXR format often used in production to work on compositing 3D scenes.

How to open Multichannel Exr files in Photoshop?

Exr-IO 2.04 update list:

  • Automatic Layer grouping (Layer Groups) is available again. All “prefix.(dot)renderpass-name” can be automatically added into “prefix-name” layer group in Photoshop layer editor. This is a very practical feature allowing better layer management.
  • Fix incorrect pixel offset for some display window settings
  • Update OpenEXR to the latest version

Exr-IO 2.04 Layer Groups

A short tutorial showing the ability of the latest version of Exr-IO to automatically group all prefix.(dot)render-pass-name.exr in Photoshop into layer groups.

EXR-IO allows you to import all image channels from an Open EXR file into separate layers in Photoshop.
EXR-IO supports all OpenEXR features and provides workflow optimizations for Photoshop.

These are the features of Exr-IO for Photoshop plugin:

    • Open and save all channels of the OpenEXR file
    • Support for Photoshop layer features like blending and opacity
    • Deep data sample import
    • Accurate support for chromaticities and color formats
    • Support for OpenEXR display window specification
    • Extensive load and save options
    • Adobe Photoshop 32 and 64 bit versions support (Windows)
    • Free of charge

Multichannel Exr files in Photoshop

Download now: Exr-IO downloaded for free 
for now, the plugin is only bootable for Windows system, while MacOs users will have to wait even before downloading Exr-IO.


Exr-IO 2.04

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