Dissolving 3D Model in Nuke Point Render

Hi Guys, there you can find a cool tips to use in Nuke to create a motion designer effects or Hologram animation style.
The native point render geo, such as planes, spheres, toruses, cylinders and others can have billions of points, but if a million points is good enough for you, then you can use external models as well.

The point render geo source uses the nuke particle system to convert the input geo into image data, that is then fed into the point render system.
This can be used like in this example, to dissolve a model into thin air.
You can use the roll shader to create a fractal mask that is feeding both the texture of the points and also a fractal modifier.

Tutorial: Dissolving 3D Model in Nuke Point Render

Nuke Point Render – Dissolving an external model. from Hagbarth on Vimeo.

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