Disney Animation Studios – Production Assets Download

Disney Animation has released two production assets to be used in computer graphics research and software development or education.

Walt Disney Animation Studios Production Assets for R&D and Education ready to Download!

The production of animated feature films involves large amounts of data which can present many different challenges. However, these challenges may not be obvious without access to real production data.
At Walt Disney Animation Studios we want to facilitate research that solves real problems; therefore we are making a selection of production data available here. We encourage researchers and engineers to investigate and use these data sets for research purposes, and we look forward to seeing what new techniques they may inspire.

Moana Island Scene
Download the Assets:

ReadMe  – License  – Base  – Animation  – PBRT

> Download Cloud Data Set

The entire data set is broken into three packages :

  1. The raw data necessary to render just one frame is available in the “Base” package.
  2. The additional animation data necessary to render the entire shot is available in the “Animation” package.
  3. A translation of our data into a format that can be used by pbrt is available in the “PBRT” package. This can also be generated from the “Base” package.
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