Deepscreen BALENCIAGA OOH Advertising

Let’s see how the world of OOH advertising is changing, using new 3D technologies, digital artists have access to incredible tools with the Unreal Engine, which allows them to work in 3D scenes in real-time.

In this video, we see how the animated campaign of the well-known fashion house Balenciaga (check the Balenciaga’s virtual fashion campaign), was made, which used a virtual character to advertise its products.

The 3d character moves in virtual space, simulating the real-world perspective of a big-screen installation in London, New York, Tokyo and Seul creating an incredible 3D effect in OOH style.

Deepscreen BALENCIAGA OOH Advertising – London, New York, and Tokyo

The 3D animation is done in Unreal Engine, and the team used real-time ray tracing and physics-based lighting materials to make it look like the Doggo character was truly in the 3D space of the visual installation.

For the realistic realization of the scene, it was important to know the position of the sun according to the time of day, as well as where it will be in the sky, thus obtaining a realistic aesthetic.

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