Curvature maps in Redshift Tutorial

Hi guys, today let’s see to improve our shaders knowledge using Curvature maps in Redshift in C4D.

In this tutorial we’ll go over some of the basics to using the Redshift Curvature node and some of its uses. Many people use the Ambient Occlusion node to add dirt and weathering effects on their shaders, this is another node that can do the same but better.

Redshift adds a new curvature method which is more view-independent compared to the previous method, resulting in more consistent and reliable edge detection from all angles.

It is based on the ALsurface curvature node so it will feel familiar to Arnold users. You can also input your noise into the Radius slot instead of contrast for different control.

Curvature maps in Redshift Tutorial

Redshift 2 Maya – Tutorial #6 – Curvature Node & Layering Noise



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