Create procedural patterns in Bifrost – Tutorial

We are sharing this new video tutorial created by the 3D Artist, Lee Grigg. In this tutorial, we will explore how to create an abstract 3D scene using Bifrost’s particle system. We’ll learn how to utilize a simple combination of spheres and thread-like elements, resembling beads, with Bifrost. Additionally, we’ll delve into setting up the rendering for the final macro-photographic style using Arnold.

In this tutorial, we will delve into the creation of abstract 3D scenes, fully harnessing the potential of Bifrost’s particle system. Lee will guide us step by step through this tutorial, demonstrating how to combine spheres and thread-like elements, resembling beads, using the Bifrost engine for simulations in Maya. The result will be a scene rich in visual details and complexity, achieving a photorealistic look.

Throughout the tutorial, we will also explore how to configure the rendering to achieve that final look using Arnold, recreating a 3D macro-photographic atmosphere.

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