Create Photo-Realistic Jupiter in Cinema 4D

Today we’ll learn how to create a planet in 3d, in this tutorial we’ll create Jupiter in 3D, with a photo-realistic approach of this planet using Cinema 4D and Corona Renderer.
Tutorial shared by Blauw Films (Leonardo Verkoelen).

The techniques involve using the volume material and the volumetric scattering settings inside the renderer. In your renderer, you should be able to replicate the effect following similar techniques.

How to create a planet in C4D?

We also the tutorial cover how to set up your textures correctly and how to match the lighting and camera settings from the NASA Voyager 1 space probe. Also, you can download the HDR to apply in your background space scene here: Sci-Fi Space HDRI map to download

Create a Photo-Realistic planet Jupiter in Cinema 4D and Corona Renderer

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