Create Beautiful Growth Patterns in C4D and Octane

Hi guys, today we are sharing this super simple technique of making textures grow on 3D surfaces, a tutorial shared by New Plastic.

In this Cinema 4D tutorial, we’ll learn how to make a material texture grow on top of another material using Octane rendering engine. We’ll use beautiful Reaction-Diffusion patterns (aka Turing Patterns) to make the material grow in interesting ways.

How to create beautiful growth patterns texture in 3d render?

Cinema 4D Tutorial – Beautiful Growth Patterns (Octane)

00:00 – Intro
00:23 – Scene Setup
01:27 – Light Setup
03:00 – Showing the Reaction-Diffusion Patterns
03:34 – Texturing
09:26 – Texturing – Another Example
10:43 – Finalizing Details
12:26 – Setting a Quick Camera Animation
13:16 – Outro

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