Free Virtual Reality Course for Filmmakers

We signal this fantastic FREE course !!! not to be missed!
“Virtual Reality for Filmmakers” free training course takes place in Rome. The main objective of the course is to train the student in the shooting, editing and realization of VR 360 Stereoscopic contents.


Virtual reality for directorIn this course the theoretical bases of virtual reality will be taught together with the practical applications of this technology.
All the steps necessary to get a good workflow using technical material and professional software will be explained.

The practical approach of the course, around 70%, will be dedicated to individual and group work on a final project that will be the leitmotif of learning.

The free course includes 150 hours of theoretical / practical lessons with the latest generation tools.

Free Virtual Reality Course Program for Filmmakers:

• basic concepts of Virtual Reality
• technical knowledge of chamber operation (Insta 360 Pro2)
• 360 3D video shooting techniques
• techniques of ambisonic sound recording
• techniques of theatrical and natural lighting
• software learning for the video stitching phase (Mistika VR)
• software learning for editing, color, audio mix and compositing (Davinci Resolve-Fusion)
• learning software for 360 3D audio-video finalization (Reaper – Facebook360)

Where and when?

Classes will be held in October and November 2019 in Rome, Via Nomentana 54 (Policlinico metro)

* The course is free only for professionals who have started I.V.A.

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To register, send a copy of ID card, tax ID number, P.I.V.A. (indicate the aid scheme) to the email address:

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