Create 3D Scene from 2D Image in Fusion by Depth Projection

Let’s see how to recreate a 3D scene in Fusion from the 2D Image, using Depth Projection in BMD Fusion.

Hi, Guys don’t miss this amazing tutorial about the Camera Projection With BMD Fusion by Depth Projection. In this tutorial, you can see a great technique to recreate the 3D scene from the 2D image to recreate an incredible effect in VFX. In the video Visual Effects Artist Chetal Gazdar show us a method can be used when converting 2D images into 3D or even stereo conversion.
This technique is a helpful to compositors to recreate the 3D scene, modelling the environment from the 3D projection.

BMD Fusion Tutorial: Depth Projection

>>> Download the Project files here:

>>> Download Fusion 9: Here


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