Cloth Brush in Blender

This Amazing Brush for Blender! This new sculpt brush “Cloth Brush” has a custom cloth solver than can run inside sculpt mode in real-time on localized areas of the mesh.
It has properties to control the cloth material and it can grab, drag or pinch the surface.

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The brush can create the constraints only on the required PBVH nodes, so it should be easy to isolate the simulation on high poly meshes. As long as the brush size is not too big it should be possible to keep it real

Known issues:

  • Multiple TODOs in the code
  • We need to find a way to determine how many nodes are enough to avoid producing artifacts near the edges of the active simulation. Adding some kind of falloff when writing the simulation to the vertices or adding constraints near the edges of the brush may help.
  • The way constraints are created is extremely basic and it creates repeated constraints. Maybe there is another way to create fewer constraints while keeping the simulation quality decent. This part can also be multithreaded.
  • The grab brush needs to change the stroke mode, but I would like to avoid splitting this into 4 different brushes. This needs to be added to the brush input code.


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