Clip Geo shader in Arnold Tutorial

Hi 3D Artists, let’s start this week with the Arnold (MtoA) tips by the Autodesk Maya and Arnold expert and guru Lee Griggs.
In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to use lip_geo shader in Arnold (MtoA).

How to use Clip Geo in Arnold (MtoA)?

Clip_geo shader transforms a shape into a “clipping shape” like a boolean effect, but it is not.
The Shader Clip Geo cuts out the geometry, from any shape that intersects with it, to achieve this effect I have always used a basic shape it cuts out the outline of the desired model, using the subtraction of the boolean.

When working on complex scenes and models, subtracting the boolean value creates incredibly heavy models and complex modeling calculations make it impossible to perform, but now using Clip Geo the whole situation changes.

clip_geo shader in Arnold (MtoA)

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