Cinema 4D Fog Volumes Tutorial Redshift

Hi Everyone! don’t miss this new tutorial by Zak Kelley, we will learn how to set up fog volumes in Cinema 4D. Run through some of the basics of setting up fog volumes inside Cinema 4D and rendering those out using Redshift.

How to set up fog volumes in Redshift?

Cinema 4D Fog Volumes Tutorial Redshift

0:00 – Intro / Examples
0:44 – Basic Fog Volume Setup
24:22 – Gradient Poster Breakdown
26:51 – Rendering Multiple Volume Builders
29:58 – Localized Fog Landscape Breakdown
34:13 – Cartoony Puff of Smoke Breakdown
39:21 – Smokey Tank Breakdown
43:55 – Wall of Fog Breakdown (! Be sure to turn on “Volume Contribution” in your Mesh Light!)
47:45 – Fog Gallery Breakdown / Volume From Splines

Volume Foam Material in Redshift (Redshift Foam 2)

Also, check this other tutorial where Zak takes another pass at a foam material using some of the methods described in this video.

In this tutorial, Zak takes another pass and creating a foam material using Redshift. This time Zak takes advantage of Cinema 4D’s build-in Volume Builder, a basic intro to C4D’s Fog Volume Builder:

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