Character Rigging In Blender – Blocking out the Armature

In this video, we’ll go through the process of blocking out an effective armature from scratch in Blender, tutorial by Richard Shilling (Dikko).

Tips and workflows for blocking-in Armatures from scratch in Blender.

We’ll learn how to orient the bone structure effectively and finish up with some quick articulation tests, creating character rigging in Blender.

Character Rigging In Blender – Blocking out the Armature tutorial

here we are sharing some useful notes from the community comments:

Some Blender QoL notes:

You can use Ctrl+Tab to move between modes, and if you switch into Pose Mode from Edit Mode you can then use Tab to automatically switch between the two.

When subdividing anything in Edit mode, like Bones, you can click on the Options menu in the lower-left to increase the number of subdivisions to, say, 3 for each finger.

If you name a bone prior to subdividing or extruding it the children will automatically be labeled with the parent name.

If you select all bones on one side of your Armature in Edit mode and use Armature>Names>Autoname L/R Blender will automatically add .L and .R to the end of each bone name, not on the 0-axis designated. You can then Symmetrize and everything will be copied over automatically.

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