Cascadeur 2021.2 Feature Highlights

Hey animators, let’s start the week by talking about this incredible Cascadeur animation tool, Nekki has released Cascadeur 2021.2, the latest version of its revolutionary physics-based software to manage and animate 3d characters.

The update, the second commercial version of the Early Access software, adds a graphics editor, a new set of tools for interpolating character poses, and a new experimental Spline IK system.

The new Graph Editor will grant you a more intuitive approach to manipulating animation curves and keys in scenes. Secondly, the software got an integrated Tween Machine function, which cuts down the amount of work it takes to create good breakdown poses. Both new functions – especially the Graph Editor, which is still in the alpha stage – will be improved in future updates.

Cascadeur 2021.2 improved the Interval Edit mode to support copy & paste functionality – which enables you to mix and blend animations inside the tool. Cascadeur’s unique AutoPhysics tools have been further enhanced as well: In addition to a general speed improvement, animations in which the character does not lift off the ground are now staged more realistically.

First Animation in Cascadeur Tutorial +2 bonus animations

Here the list of other new features in Cascadeur EA-2 includes:

  • A character direction controller was added to the AutoPosing tool. Character parts in AutoPosing behave more independently now.
  • A new mode for the direction controller (“pole vector“), which fixes its global position
  • New templates for standard rigs in Cascadeur’s Quick Rigging tool
  • Hotkeys will now work with different language keyboards
  • Mirror planes visualization
  • New AutoPhysics feature: fulcrum groups
  • An early alpha version of Spline IK interpolation
    Check here for the all-new features:

Download Cascadeur 2021.2 :

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