Cara a Social “Do Not Train” App For Creatives. Here’s the reason why artists are switching over

In the past year, we’ve witnessed an explosion of generative AI in visual and textual content. Now, with just a few clicks, we can generate thousands of illustrations, photographs, videos, and even music using AI.

The real issue isn’t whether it’s right to use AI to create content, as artificial intelligence is an additional tool for creatives. The main problem lies in how copyright is managed during the data generation phase by AI in the creation of digital content.

This is precisely why the social platform Cara, designed for creatives, has seen a surge in users from 40,000 to 650,000 in a week. This growth is fueled by artists’ discontent with Meta’s AI policies on Instagram and Facebook.

Artists have had enough of Meta’s predatory AI policies, as indicated by the “Do Not Train” movement.

While Instagram serves as a social platform for many artists to promote their work and find new clients, it has recently become a vessel exploited by Meta to train its generative AI systems. Only European users are exempt from this process, thanks to GDPR laws.

Cara, available as both a web and mobile app, combines elements of Instagram and X but is specifically tailored for artists. Users can showcase their portfolio and share updates on their feed, similar to other microblogging sites.

On Cara, artists can publish their work without the risk of becoming part of a dataset for AI training.

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