Camera Projection in Octane for Blender

In this tutorial, we’ll learn a super useful technique used in 3d, Camera Projection using Blender, a tutorial released by Xolotl Studio.

How do the Projection Cameras work?

We are usually using a 3D Scene over a 2D Background Image, with the camera projection you can also project a 2D still image or image sequence onto 3d geometry in the scene. This is similar to the front-projection systems used in practical photography, where a background image or other element is projected onto the stage and photographed with other elements.

How to create Camera Projection in Blender using Octane?

In this tutorial, we use Blender and Octane renderer to create a realistic scene using 2D still images onto geometry in the scene in Blender.

Camera Projection in Octane for Blender

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