Bird Generator Setup for Geometrynodes in Blender

We are sharing on 3DArt, the Bird Generator Setup for Blender, which is a powerful procedural tool. This tool, currently in its beta version, is freely available and is built upon Blender’s Geometry Nodes system.

Created by developer Jesse Mietinnen, also known as Blenderesse, the Bird Generator Setup is designed for generating animated birds procedurally. These animated birds can be utilized in various contexts such as animated backgrounds, 3D scenes, or motion design projects.

Fully procedural bird generator + automated animations! BETA is available for FREE. NOW.

The Bird Generator is accessible for free in its beta version and leverages Blender’s Geometry Nodes system, making it freely downloadable. The Bird Generator Setup is crafted as a convenient and swift method to introduce flying birds into the backgrounds of your 3D scenes. The 3D birds follow predefined paths, flapping their wings or gliding in response to the angle of the path.

The tool offers five presets for birds of different sizes, including presets that roughly resemble an eagle, a parrot, and a pigeon. Additionally, the overall aspect ratio can be adjusted through straightforward side controls.

It’s important to note that the 3D models’ quality and feather details are intentionally low-poly. This design choice is deliberate to optimize the tool for use in the background, at a distance from the viewer.

Download Bird Generator Setup

The Bird Generator Setup is currently available for free in its beta version. It is compatible with Blender versions 3.6 and 4.

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