Luca Valletta

Recruiting Bible

How to get your first job in the VFX industry Iā€™m working as digital compositor since the end of 2014, plus 3 years as a generalist in the Architectural world, not so many time, but enough to experience a good number of interviews, failures and succ...

FMX2018 – the German Black Panther

Today has been another big day at FMX 2018. There have been more than 50 different talks and workshops. Some speakers came from the top industries in the VFX world wild like ILM and Weta. One of this panel was very crowded: The VFX of Black Panther....

FMX 2018

The first day of the FMX 2018 ended! One of the biggest conference in vfx/game/advertising industry in Europe and probably in the world, it's ready. The FMX 2018 event is started! Here in Stuttgart hundreds of professional people from different sid...

Luca Valletta

VFX Artist

Digital Compositor e VFX Artist, he's working between Canada and Europe, in big facilities like MPC, Double Negative, OutpostVFX, Trixter and UPP. He always looking for improving the new technologies known in the VFX world.