Arnold Render with GPU

Hi Guys, to day a Big News for Arnold users!!!

Autodesk unveiled Arnold 5.3 with Arnold GPU in public beta today. The highly-anticipated release provides artists with a first taste of GPU rendering for a set number of features, and the flexibility to choose between rendering on the CPU or GPU without changing renderers.

Introducing Arnold 5.3 with Arnold GPU in public beta

From look development to lighting, support for GPU acceleration brings greater interactivity and speed to artist workflows, helping reduce iteration and review cycles.

Arnold Render with GPU ready to download in public beta here.

Arnold 5.3 with Arnold GPU in public beta will be available for download on March 20, 2019 as of 12 noon PT / 3pm ET

Arnold Render 5.3 will be available in all supported plug-ins for Autodesk #Maya, #Autodesk #3dsMax, #Houdini, #Cinema4D, and #Katana

Arnold 5.3 also adds new functionality to help maximize performance and give artists more control over their rendering processes, including updates to adaptive sampling, a new version of the Randomwalk SSS mode, and improved Operator UX.

“We recognize the needs of Arnold users for increased speed and interactivity during the creation process,” said Chris Vienneau, senior director, Media & Entertainment Products, Autodesk. “We’re excited to introduce this beta version of Arnold GPU because it gives our users a first taste of the performance gains they can expect to see, while keeping the great look they love from Arnold. We’ve worked closely with NVIDIA to optimize Arnold GPU to run on the latest RTX technology, and look forward to continuing to collaborate to bring our customers the highest quality rendering.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with NVIDIA and Autodesk on the next generation of high-performance production rendering. Delivering the best creative results fast is critical to our success. GPU rendering on NVIDIA RTX Server with Autodesk Arnold promises to deliver the exponential leap in speed we hope to utilize in all production departments,” said Carsten Kolve, Digital Supervisor, Image Engine.

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