Arnold in Houdini – Introduction

Hello Everyone, in this video we can see the introduction to Arnold in Houdini.
This is a relatively long introduction to Arnold renderer in Side FX Houdini by Rohan Dalvi Houdini Artist .
The primary focus is on shader building but we’ll also take a look at Lights, HDRI , Render Settings, Curvature Map, Triplanar mapping, Fit range, Ramps, Instances, Attributes, Point Rendering and DOF.

Arnold in Houdini – Introduction

Arnold in Houdini – Introduction from Rohan Dalvi on Vimeo.

The Arnold renderer for Houdini file can be downloaded from:

Also the statue model can be downloaded from:

The Arnold Shader for Houdini file can be downloaded from the link given below:

Resource by
Rohan Dalvi

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